Variegated bean leaf. TENKYUDEN's variegation is bit different with other variegated bean leaf. The variegation is similar to HAKUBOTAN. (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=683787591648389&set=a.683787134981768.1073741828.229109257116227&type=1&theater). New leaf come up with blight creamy yellow variegation (looks like mixture of tiger stripe and stripe) and variegation will be fading as the leaves gets old. All of Tenkyuden only has variegation on just top 1-3 leaves maximum. It is called 'TENZAE'. Not strong but blight light would help to produce blighter variegation. Compared to regular stripe variety, I see TENZAE stripe like a flower in other orchid. It is not something you can see throughout year. But when you see it, you enjoy everyone of it. I love Hakubotan. But bean leaf with Hakubotan variegation is something very special. And yes, of course ruby roots!!


Hakubotan type stripe, TENZAE (variegation gets darker when leaf gets old)
stay in small

[stem /roots /tsuke]

mud brown stem, ruby(pink) roots, crescent moon tsuke

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single growth with one baby, beautiful!